Plantsmap YouTube Channel

We have started a series of Plants Map Help videos on YouTube to show you how to get started using  We are also cataloging them on our Help section here >>> Help Category > Videos

Below are just a few of our Help videos to get you started:

Plantsmap: Connecting People With Plants

How to Sign Up on 

How to Add an Organization Profile to Plants Map

How to use My Plants Map

How to Add Core Plants to your My Plants Map Library

How to Order Interactive Plant Tags for a Collection

More Help Videos:

Plants Map Screen Sizes and Menus: Plants Map ( is a mobile responsive website that allows you to create a digital plant library across devices from desktops to smartphones. No app needed, no specific brand of device or operating software, and no limitations that come with a small screen size. This short video shows you how the screen size will adjust based on the device you choose to use when accessing