A summary of updates and new features released as of May 2019

  • New Pricing Page – developed within Plantsmap.com to replace previous info.plantsmap.com pricing page.
  • New Subscription Tiers –  this will allow users to choose different subscriptions according to their needs.
  • Pricing Page and Subscription Tiers – each tier will be explained on the pricing page with the integration of an online payment portal to subscribe to a chosen tier.
  • Automated Subscription Tier Payments – integration of an online payment method to subscribe to a tier. Payment tier options will appear on the pricing page and within the edit mode of a profile page.
  • Profile Subscription Tiers – a profile can view and manage their current subscription tier within edit mode of their profile by clicking on the ‘subscription tier’ section.
  • New tasks completed – 2. Enhancements – 4. Bug fixes – 12.

We are in the process of improving overall website design as we continue to build new features and enhancements.  User feedback helps us to improve our website and functionality. Please feel free to leave use comments via our Contact Us form.

Thank you!

The Plants Map Team
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