A summary of updates and new features released as of May 13, 2017.

  • New user ‘stats’ summary on individual and organization profiles showing number of plants, collections, network connections, followers, and following. All stats are clickable shortcut links.  

  • New user ability to Post News from their profile page at the top of their ‘News’ section. Functionality was previously only on the Home page. This news will post to their profile page, the Explore page and the Home page of others that follow or connect with them.

  • My Tags ordering process improvements, bug fixes and form updates with new pricing and product options.
  • Improvements to the edit functionality of individual and organization profiles including the ability to delete profile photos and photo size hints now provided:
    • profile icon photo: 900 X 900
    • organization background cover photo: 1538 x 535
  • Improvements to the plant forms including:
    • A new and refreshed look to the design of the plant tabs making them more visible to the users and visitors in both edit and saved view.
    • New help ‘hint’ when user is adding a new plant to explain how to add a plant and enter more details in the tabs and fields available, especially as they relate to order tags.
    • New visiblity of all current custom plant tabs available via a new tab dropdown box with links to more information. Learn more: https://info.plantsmap.com/help/get-customized-plant-tab/.
    • Plant pinned map location can now be seen while in edit mode (previously could only be seen in saved view mode).  
    • Improved visibility of the map feature on mobile devices.
    • Attracts Birds was added.   

  • Improved Notification alerts to users when they comment or reply on a post. Pending notifications will show within your bell notification icon at the top next to the profile menu.

  • Backward navigation issues fixed so that a user will return ‘back’ to immediate page and not back to the beginning of a section or series of pages.  Back actually means back to previous page now and not back to the beginning.

We are always seeking user feedback to improve our website and functionality.  Please feel free to leave use comments via our Contact Us form.  Thanks!

The Plants Map Team
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