A summary of updates and new features released as of March 2019

  • Entire website migration into a new platform to support new features, enhancements, development, functionality. Completed December 2019.
  • Enhanced sign in process for individuals and organizations. Completed January 2019.
  • Migration bug fixes – ongoing.
  • Organization profile edit page – Enhancements to this page include the addition of help article hints, new sections for settings, subscriptions, products and services, and support help. 
  • Automation of payments and services – Integration with an online payment system to upgrade profiles to premium service tiers (Resources) and to add on paid features including Buy It plants for the plants to buy Plant Finder results.
  • Redesign of Buy It plants – Plant profile pages were redesigned to include icon indicators on thumbnail photos, a customizable buy it button with direct link options, and a toggle switch for on/off control.
  • Management of Buy It plants – Automated integration of this service allows the profile to manage a list view of buy it plants with controls to turn the service on and off by each plant page.
  • Overall – 42 bugs were fixed, 9 enhancements were made, 6 new features were added, and 4 function tasks completed. 
  • We are in the process of improving website design as we continue to build new features and enhancements.

We are always seeking user feedback to improve our website and functionality.  Please feel free to leave use comments via our Contact Us form.  Thanks!

The Plants Map Team
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