A summary of updates and new features released as of August 18, 2018. 

  • Plant Finder Search: In August we will launch a new search tool called the Plant Finder. This tool will be available to anyone that visits the site or is a user of the site to enhance their ability to search for plants within our community. The Plant Finder will be a search tool to discover plants of specific interest, location and those with the best and most complete content information. Learn More: info.plantsmap.com/help/plant-finder
  • Core Plant Profiles: With the plant finder tool we will also be introducing ‘Core Plants’ that users can add to their own profiles with basic growing details provided. We have had numerous requests for this feature and we are happy to announce that it will soon be available. Learn More: info.plantsmap.com/help/core-plants
  • Organization Profiles – ‘Public Landscape’ check-box added for inclusion in the plant finder ‘plants to visit’ purpose filter.

We are always seeking user feedback to improve our website and functionality.  Please feel free to leave use comments via our Contact Us form.  Thanks!

The Plants Map Team
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