Plants Map Devloper Updates April 2019A summary of updates and new features released as of April 2019

  • Buy It Plants: Enhanced process of Buy It plants management including import function by administrators.
  • Core Plant Filter: A core plant filter was added to the purpose filters for the Plant Finder tool to help users find these pre-filled plants to add to their own My Plants Map library.
  • Core Plants: Community plants with photos and matching botanical name added as a visual reference to core plant pages.
  • Core Plants: Reference links added to core plant pages for imports from verified sources.
  • Core Plants: ‘Add to My Plants Map’ process simplified for users to adopt core plants and build a library more quickly. Adopted core plants will automatically be saved directly into the users My Plants Map library with one step. Plants can be later edited by the user to add photos, a unique story, owner information, map information, etc. This makes the process of creating a plant list faster for the user, especially for the purpose of beginning a tag order.  
  • Adding Plants: Adding plants will change from a two page/two step process to a one page design showing the entire plant form from the start with all tabs visible. 
  • Organization Profile Page Design: Add New buttons were added to each profile section and the view more button relocated below each section. 
  • Overall – 29 bugs were fixed and 5 new enhancements were made.

We are in the process of improving overall website design as we continue to build new features and enhancements.  User feedback helps us to improve our website and functionality. Please feel free to leave use comments via our Contact Us form.

Thank you!

The Plants Map Team
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