How to use the Plants Map Tree TabCustom plant tabs can be added to a plant form if you have a premium tier subscription.

When you edit your plant pages you will see a custom tab drop down menu with an option to add custom tab to that particular plant.

Custom Plant Tab

The example below uses Metasequoia glyptostroboides by Bill Blevins for an example of the Tree Tab in use. Learn more and watch a quick video about how to use Customized Plant Tabs.

Estimated value of a tree is associated with the cost of a tree based on variables such as the size, health, and location. Tree care companies may complete a survey to estimate a value of a tree’s replacement, care, or repair for insurance purposes, home appraisals, legal settlements, etc.

Total benefits of a tree is associated with the environmental impact of a tree such as stormwater managed and carbon sequestered among other factors. Tree benefit calculators use standardized formulas to assess a tree’s contribution based on location, size and other factors.

For help in determining the values below please see these resources:

NOTES TAB: You can also use the NOTES tab on a plant page to keep private or public information log on surveys, issues such as storm damage, pest problems, fertilizer or treatment applications, etc. You can also keep NOTES on a Collection.

COMMENTS TAB: You or visitors (with a sign-in) can leave comments, questions and answers using the COMMENTS tab on a plant page. Encourage the use of this feature in your plant story by inviting visitors to leave a comment or question.

The Tree Tab Fields: 

Common Name and Accession Code are connected with fields in the Plant Details Tab or can be entered here.

TreeTab 1

Tree Tab 2

TreeTab 3

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