Welcome to an overview of how your organization can get started on Plants Map. We are a social community that hosts plant collections to connect people based on their botanical interests. Individual and organization basic profiles are free. Visitors also have free access to explore and discover plants, collections, places, and the community profiles on Plants Map. Begin your own My Plants Map digital plant library with up to 24 plants and 4 collections. Premium tiers with enhanced services can be found on our pricing page.

How to get started on Plants Map


[Watch our video of this article: How to Add an Organization]

Step 1 Sign In

Sign In” and create your individual profile first. The email address you use will receive notifications from Plants Map pertaining to both your individual profile and the organization profile(s) you create. TIP: We suggest that you use a personal display name for this profile. This individual profile will next create the Organization profile(s) and become the ‘Owner.’

Step 2 Add Organization

From the pop-up window choose Add an Organization as your next step. You can also choose Add Organization later from the top profile menu.

Title and Permanent Link: When entering a title for your organization profile page this will create a permanent URL link for your profile.

Once you are finished save your organization profile and it will now show in the profile drop-down menu.

Switching profiles


Your individual profile is now the ‘owner’ of the organization profile. Each time you Sign In you are first acting as your individual ‘My Profile’.

Switch between acting as your individual profile (My Profile) and the organization profile from the profile menu at the top right.

Acting as your Organization profile, you can now:

Organization Profile Upgrades

  • Become a Resource to be listed in our Resource section as a service provider, business, brand, plant vendor, professional or membership organization, etc.
  • List Buy It plants within our plants to buy plant finder results.

Network Roles

The ‘Owner’ of an organization can assign other Plants Map users as administrators for the organization profile. If you wish to have other people help you with your organization page, have them follow these steps:

  1. Sign In to create their own individual profile first.
  2. Next visit the Organization’s page and click the “Connect” button on the top above the organization’s profile photo.

The ‘Owner’ will get a ‘Connection’ email notification.

  1. On Plants Map the Owner acting as the Organization, clicks on the ‘Manage Network’ button on the organization page to see a list of Connections and requests.
  2. Accept and assign the user as an ‘Admin’ role.

For more information see Organization Network Roles.

We look forward to watching your organization grow on Plants Map.

Watch Video: How to Add An Organization to Plants Map