Some organizations want to included mention on a tag the name of a donor, supporter, sponsor, or in-memory information. You can include a special mention on a Tag or Sign by using one of the available tag/sign fields when ordering. You can also include special mention information in the story of your plant profile and link to another website using a reference link.

We do ask that the cover photo for the plant page be a botanical representation of that plant. More photos can be added to the photo gallery.


See more of our interactive tags in use: Connecting People With Plants Collection. 

More ways to include acknowledgements

We do have profiles that wish to include acknowledgements for sponsorships, grant or donor information, partnerships, etc.  Most profiles that do this will put that information directly within their About section of their profile with a ‘thank you to our supporters’ list. This is especially useful if they have general overall supporters or multiple entities involved in a project or landscape for instance.  Acknowledgements can also be made within a specific collection story or by adding a note on a story or a plant.
What our terms of service does not allow is the use of a collection or plant form to be monetized or seen as though they are being monetized. Solely creating a collection or plant for the purpose of sponsorship would be interpreted as monetizing the tools to create a collection or a plant.

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