Tree Mount Help

One of the questions we are frequently asked is how to properly attach tree identification signs to large, mature trees.

We interviewed a number of resources and we even visited a research arboretum that, believe it or not, actually studies this sort of thing!

After soaking up information we put together a simple system that is durable, allows for the tree to grow and is adjustable and won’t harm the tree.

Our tree identification mounting hardware is simple and uses stainless steel parts: 2 washers, 1 spring and a 2.5″ deck screw. The deck screw has a “star” head and requires a special bit to install. We include 1 bit with the first order. The advantage of this is that we believe it deters most people from trying to remove it from the tree because most likely they won’t have something handy to unscrew it because of the unique head style.

sign-spring-2The photo is probably self explanatory but here is the order of putting the pieces together:

  1. Insert the screw through the hole from the front side of the sign.
  2. Add one washer to the screw
  3. Next, add the spring.
  4. Add the second washer. This one will touch the tree.
  5. Install on the tree and don’t fully compress the spring.
  6. Remember to check the tree annually to make any adjustments

Routine Spring Check

From our research we advise checking the mounting every two years. If the spring is compressed, simply loosen the screw a few turns so the the spring opens up allowing for more growth of the tree.

This method is suggested for healthy, mature trees with a slow growth rate. We do not recommend this option for young trees still rapidly growing or with small diameters of 5 inches or less.

More Attachment Options

For another alternative, see how we use our smaller tags as branch tags to attach to smaller trees or shrubs.

For more information on tags, signs, and stakes please visit our main Tag Information Page.

To order just our tree mount hardware or stakes by themselves, just send us an email using the Contact Us form and we’ll get them out to you right away.