How to Add Plants

To begin adding plants first either Sign Up or if you are a returning user choose Sign In.

Note: if you are adding plants to an organization profile use the profile menu to switch to acting as your organization before adding plants.

Go to your My Plants Map page from the top main navigation. My Plants Map has submenus for My Plants, My Collections, My Tags and My Events. Choose Plant from the Add New menu dropdown or the profile menu.

Title is the only required field to save a plant page.  This can be the common name, botanical name, or a descriptive name such as my mother’s iris or flowering shrub.  Choose what works best for you. After you choose NEXT you will see more fields to enter botanical name, common name, etc. All fields are optional.

After you have entered the Title you can also add any descriptive information you want in the story. There is a simple formatting toolbar that allows you to clear formatting, select text to enter a hyperlink to a website, clear a hyperlink, italicize, and bold. You can also add a cover photo at this time. You can also add photos and change the cover photo later in edit mode.

When ready, choose NEXT to see the plants tabs for photos, plant details, growing details, notes and comments. More details on the plant fields can be seen here: Plant Profile Fields.

All of these steps work the same way on a smartphone or tablet in mobile view.  

When you are ready choose SAVE in the top of the story section. You will always see the option to Add More Details or DONE if you want to save and finish.


This is a SAVED view of your new plant. As the owner or profile that added this plant you see at the top some action items: Tag+ | Add/Remove to Collections | Edit

Tag+ adds this plant to your My Tags ordering page.

Add/Remove to Collection opens a popup menu to select a collection to add this plant.

Edit allows you to go back into editing mode to:

  • Make changes to the story
  • Change the title
  • Add a map location that can be public or private
  • Add more photos or change the cover photo

The social sharing toolbar at the top can be seen by you or any visitor to your plant page. This will share your plant out to your social channels or the visitors social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

When you return to your My Plants Map page you will now see the newest plant or more recently updated plant is at the top of the page.

Adding Plants To A Collection

From the view mode, choose the Add/Remove Collection button.  A popup window show the available collections within your My Plants Map to add the plant. If you have not yet created any collections, choose Add Collection.

Learn How To Create A Collection