Organizations can have multiple individual admins. Here’s how:

The Organization Owner (the individual profile that added the organization) invites potential admins to Sign Up to start an individual profile on Plants Map.

Once an individual profile is created, that user should visit the organization page and click the Connect button. This sends a connection email request to the organization owner.

The organization owner must sign in to Plants Map and change to acting as the organization profile from the top drown down profile menu. Acting as the organization you will now see a Manage Network link on the organization page view. 

This opens a Manage Network page where you will see a list of pending or active connections. 

Click on pending to change a status to active or delete the request (trashcan icon).

Click on the role button next to set them as a connection (no access to edit the profile only a connection) or as an admin (to act as the organization, add or edit plants, etc).



Additional Information on Networks:

  • Only individual profiles can be admins of an organization profile.
  • Organization profiles can not admin other organization profiles, they can only be connections.
  • At anytime the owner or other admins can delete a network member or change their role as an admin or a connection.
  • All organizations have only 1 owner. To change the owner please contact us.
  • All email correspondence from Plants Map and notifications are sent only to the owner’s profile email address (not the profile contact email).

How to Leave a Network Connection – If at any time an individual profile or an organization profile wishes to leave an organization’s network they connected with, simply return to that profile page and choose “Leave Network” to remove yourself.


Watch our video on Follow, Connect and Network Connections on Plants Map