Frequently Asked Questions about Plants Map Tags & Signs

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Can the position of the hole on a tag or sign be changed? No, we order only 4 blanks from our supplier and they come with a hole already drilled on the side for a tag or a hole at the top center on a sign and then tags and signs with no holes. Learn More: Can the position of the hole on a tag or sign be changed?

Can the plant tag QR code go to websites other than Plants Map? 
Our tags and signs are created with an automated process that makes a qr code that links to your plant pages on only. Scanning a Plants Map tag opens a page on and on that page, you can include one or more links to any other website where visitors can get even more information about that particular plant. Learn more: Can the plant tag QR code go to websites other than Plants Map?

Can I make changes to the format of the tag or sign templates? Can I replace the Plants Map logo? Our My Tags ordering system uses pre-formatted templates to make the ordering process affordable and easy for everyone. Therefore we do not charge set-up fees when using our templates. Any changes to the formatting of these layouts or to replace the Plants Map logo with another logo requires a one time customization fee of $500.  We then save your custom template for future orders. Learn more: Can I make changes to the Plantsmap tag and sign templates.

Can I order tags for a purpose other than marking plants?
Our automated process creates the codes linking to plant pages only. We have built a system where we are very careful that those links are static and the links never change. Learn more:  Can I order tags for purposes other than plants?

What is the material used for the tags and signs?
Our tags and signs are made from aluminum material. They are 4mm thick and riged. The surface is a painted satin matte finish and is a military spec coating tested for 12 years to stand up against UV, chemicals, temperature extremes and scratching. Learn more: How durable are Plants Map Tags & Signs? | What material are the stakes made from?

How long does it take to complete an order? 
Once the plants are in your My Plants Map library  the My Tags tool allows you to order and customize what you want on the tags. After you submit your order we email back a proof usually within 24-48 hours for you to approve. Once approved we put the tags into production and prepare to ship them. This usually takes 2-3 days. We ship via FedEx ground and most deliveries are within 3-4 days. So once the order proof is approved turnaround time is about 1 week. Learn More: Sign Up and Getting Started

Can an organization logo be added to the sign or tag? 
Yes, we have a one time $500 customization fee to create a proof with your logo that we save for all your orders.  If you send to us the highest quality logo you have when you begin your profile we can start working on the image for the laser proof.  A square logo works best replacing the Plantsmap logo but we try to accommodate other sizes as well.  View our standard layout templates.

Do you have any discounts for certain groups or based on quantity of an order?

  • 10% discount on orders of $350 or more (subtotal before tax and shipping)
  • 15% discount on orders of $1200 or more (subtotal before tax and shipping)

Learn more: Are there quantity discounts for tags and signs?