DU May2016

A summary of updates and new features released in May 2016.

Release 34 – May 31, 2016

  • Main navigation elements on all main pages now include plants, collections, community, resources and events.
  • New mobile friendly design for the main Resources page with search ability by title, keyword and category.
  • Organizations can now send a request to become a Resource from their profile page while in edit mode. They will receive and email confirmation and a team member will contact them with additional support. Learn more: How to become a resource profile.
  • News feed sections of the home, explore and profile pages will be minimized to only include posts by users to this section. It will no longer automatically show updates on plants, collections, profiles. The intention is to use this section as a means of posting and exchanging communication between users. Learn More: How to Post News
  • Password reset function was added to an individual users profile. Learn More: How to reset password or email for user sign in.
  • All content edit saves will now have a pop-up window asking users DONE or ADD MORE to be consistent across all profiles, plant, collection, event forms.
  • Improved visibility of user activity being represented by the tiles in the plants, collections, community, resources and events pages now triggered by saves or photo uploads to any content.