DU Jan 2016Release 25 – January 18, 2016

My Tags – Tag ordering tool is launched within the My Plants Map page. Live testing and continued development based on feedback. Users can now select from their online plant library to make a list of tags and signs to order. Step by step instructions will be posted in the Help section.

Tab Manager – Continued development and testing of the customized plant tab library. These will include an fields that are specific to a genus or category of plant. Examples are Iris Details, Rose Details, etc. These tabs will be built as needs from users are made known.

Continued work on the reported bugs and user enhancements.

Plant Edit Form Changes:

  • Growing Details includes soil preferences , water requirements, flowering period corrected fields
  • Photos tab > continued improvements especially on tablet and phone screens.

Release 24 – January 4, 2016

Testing of Self Service Sign and Tag Order Process (My Tags) – This will make the ability to order tags and signs faster and easier. Orders will be placed within their My Plants Map page withing a new My Tags section.

Testing of Plant Customized Tabs (Tab Manager) – Users will be able to select from a library of customized tabs for plant pages.

PDF Download – Custom Plant ‘Bench Card’ Signs to transition to an optional paid feature. A user can select a plant from their plant library and choose one of several pdf Bench Card templates to download with a photo, plant information and qr code to their plant on Plants Map.

Website footer now includes new Plants Map social icon badge.

Map page image updated and replaced on home landing page.

Continued improvements to UI for Collections and Subcollections.