A summary of updates and new features released as of April 21, 2017.

  • Bug fixes and updates made to the My Tags ordering pages. New pricing, products and discounts included in the ordering tool.  
  • Improved social sharing toolbar on plants, collections and subcollections with additional options to email, print a pdf, and other choices via the ‘Add This’ suite of tools. A ‘counter’ of page shares is also included in the new tool.
  • When a returning user signs-in they will now land on their individual ‘My Profile’ page instead of their Home page feed of news and updates. The intent is to help the user better understand their sign-in is for their individual profile and to use the profile menu to switch to acting as the organization profile if applicable.
  • The Home page ‘News’ section for users will now only show posts made by other users that they follow. It will no longer show all updates made to plants, collections, profiles made by those the user follows. The intent here is to make the Newsfeeds truly be a posting place of news and information to share and not a feed of all updates made to plants, etc.  Updates instead can be seen in the plants, collections, community, resources and events sections.
  • The Home page for users now has an ‘Events’ section to show only events of those profiles they follow, connect with, or are the owner/admin. The intent is to improve the customization features of the Home page experience for users based on who they follow, connect with, or organization profiles they own/admin.
  • A Notes Tab has now been added to Collections and Subcollections. These notes can also be private or public the same as on a plant from. The intent is to provide the users with more ability to add notes to a group of plants for various uses such as care information, issues, schedules, to-do lists, etc. Learn More: https://info.plantsmap.com/help/add-notes-collection/

  • Collections now have an expanded grid view of 24 subcollections per page where there was previously only 6-8. The intent is to allow more content to be seen by the user with fewer pages to click through.
  • Subcollections now have an expanded grid view of 24 plants per page when there was previously only 6-8. The intent is to allow more content to be seen by the user with fewer pages to click through.
  • Blank fields on saved plants, collections & sub-collection page forms will be hidden from view. The intent is to improve the look of pages that only have some, little or no information added to the tabs or fields.
  • Tabs will now show ‘no details have been added’ if no fields have been entered on a tab for plants, collections, sub-collections then the  Same intent as above.
  • URL (web) links added by users will be checked for validation before a form can be saved. The URL (web) link will need to be in a proper format or the user will get an error message directing them to correct the URL link.
  • Plant list view – the accession id column has been removed from view. The field is still available but is not currently in this standardized list view.
  • Empty sections on a profile will now be collapsed if no content has been added. This applies to plants, collections, subcollections, etc on a profile page for individuals, organizations, and resources.
  • Event pages – the location address must be selected from the dropdown list or a full address will not be shown.

We are always seeking user feedback to improve our website and functionality.  Please feel free to leave use comments via our Contact Us form.  Thanks!

The Plants Map Team
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