Core Plants

Plants Map Core Plant profiles will be launching in August 2018.

Plants MapBased on user feedback, we are adding what will be known as Plants Map Core Plant profiles that will be identified with a Plants Map logo in the plant finder search results.

The purpose of this new feature is to provide core plants with basic information that you can add to your own My Plants Map library to quickly begin your plant list.

Once you add them to your My Plants Map library they will be transformed into your plant pages with additional owner fields and the ability to add your own unique stores, photos, notes and map location.

What will be provided for you will be the fields with basic plant details, growing preferences and attributes.

We will continue to add more core plants overtime as we see plants being added by the community. In general, if a plant has been added more than three times by different users, this will be an indicator to us to add that plant to the core plant list. We will verify the plant details and create a generalized core plant.

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