Our My Tags ordering system uses pre-formatted templates to make the ordering process affordable and easy for everyone. Therefore we do not charge set-up fees when using our templates.

Any changes to the formatting of these layouts or to replace the Plants Map logo with another logo requires a one time customization fee of $500.  We then save your custom template for future orders.

The text on the lines is totally customizable by you as you begin your My Tags order.

Our tag and sign templates can be found under Help> Tags and Signs > info.plantsmap.com/help/how-customizable-are-plant-webpages-and-your-tags-signs

We encourage the use of the Plants Map logo on all of our tags and signs to communicate to your visitors that they will be landing on a website that is a network of plant collections, landscapes and profiles.

Plantsmap.com is a website community that hosts botanical collections with customized tools that solve the challenges of documenting, organizing, mapping, tagging and sharing information about plants.

Since we are not an interpretive sign company, we only offer two sizes of plant labeling for our users: a tag and a sign.  More information, pricing and photos can be seen on our main tags information page: info.plantsmap.com/tags.

There are only four blanks available:

  • Tag (no hole)
  • Tag with a hole on the side.
  • Sign (no hole)
  • Sign with a hole at the top center.

We only order these 4 blanks from our supplier and can not make changes to the hole position.

The easy to learn My Plants Map tools have wide appeal among a diversity of users from those that manage public landscapes to avid plant collectors, professionals, community groups, weekend gardeners and more.

My Tags is a feature within the My Plants Map tools that makes it easy to order custom, interactive signs and tags from your plant library on Plantsmap.com.