export-toolYes! Plants added to Plants Map can now be exported into an Excel spreadsheet. Here’s how to Export your plant list.

From your “My Plants Map” page, you will now see a blue-green button at the top.

Click this button and a file that can be opened in Excel will download to your computer or mobile device.

Our first release of this feature downloads the following fields from your plant list:

  • Title
  • Botanical Name
  • Common Name
  • Owner (Name of the Profile)
  • Plants Map URL Link

This export feature is to assist with improving the tag and sign order process. So, if you want to order tags or signs, download this file and then you can use this to help organize your order and let us know specifically which plants need signs and which ones need tags. We need the URL to make the interactive QR codes on the signs and tags, so this export makes it easy to collect that for the ordering process.

We will be enhancing the functionality of  this feature soon. We would like to provide users with a tool to select which fields you’d like to export so that you can get your data out of Plants Map if you need it for some other purpose.

We have also just launched the ability for the Plants Map team to import plants for a user too. At the moment, the file needs to be sent to us and we will do the import, but just like we made the export feature availalbe to all profiles, we will be adding the ability to also import a plant list as well soon.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please let us know using the form below.

Also see our related article on how to import plants with a spreadsheet.