Plants Map users have the ability to make comments on:

  • A news post from others
  • A plant page profile

Here’s how:

  • You must Sign Up (new users) or Sign In (returning users) to make a comment.
  • When a user posts news you will see a comment field below. Add a nice and thoughtful comment or question here.
  • On a plant send a nice and thoughtful comment or question at the bottom of the ‘Plant Details’ section.  The comment is not visible and pending until seen by the receiving user.

What do I do as the recipient of a plant comment?

  • When someone sends a comment on a plant, users will receive a notification via the bell icon at the top of each page next to the profile menu. Click on the notification to view the comment.
  • The user receiving the comment may choose to delete or accept the comment.

Can I turn off comments?

  • No, you can not turn off the ability for other users to comment on a news post or a plant page.
  • Comments on a plant page are not visible to others unless you accept the comment. You can also delete the comment.

Email Notifications

  • Users have the ability to adjust Email notifications within their profile settings.  Sign in and view your profile and click the edit button on your profile page to view your settings options.
  • Video: How to Adjust Your Profile Settings