Buy It Custom Plant Tab

The Buy It custom plant tab allows visitors and users on to see a distinction between plants that are available to purchase and plants that are for informational purposes or educational outreach. These plants are featured in our Plant Finder purpose feature of plants To Buy.

The Buy It custom plant tab is only available on a subscription basis to organization profiles that upgrade to Resource profiles. Pricing and steps to begin can be found on the Become a Resource page.

The Buy It custom plant tab was built for both online vendors as well as for garden centers by providing fields to enter a direct link to your business location, e-commerce tool, or website.

At this time, per our Terms of Service, we can only accept and approve Resource profiles with services, products, and plants available within the United States.

Buy It Tab fields – 

  • Description – optional
  • Product Type – potted, B&B, bare root, bulb, rhizome, seeds
  • Price – optional to include
  • Status – available, special order, out of season
  • Buy Now – enter your e-commerce page link or a store location
  • Learn More – enter your website blog or video link
  • Contact Us – enter your preferred contact information link
  • Shipping Information – optional

The Buy It plant tab fields as seen by others on a mobile view of a plant profile: