If you are considering a large order of tags or signs where we can do all of the prep work at once and manufacture the tags in one run please feel free to contact us to discuss your potential order.

Our current quantity discount breaks are: 

  • 5% discount on orders of $350 or more (subtotal before tax and shipping)
  • 10% discount on orders of $1,200 or more (subtotal before tax and shipping)

Free Templates vs. Customization Fee

If you choose one of our pre-formatted standard templates for your order there are no set-up fees.

If you’d prefer to use your own logo or make changes to the formatting layout, there is a one-time template customization fee of $500. Your custom template is then saved for future orders. Learn More: Can I make changes to a tag or sign template format?

Long Lasting vs. Cost

We became frustrated with other products that would only last a season or two before we had to replace them.

We have sourced a material with a specific coating on them which makes them more expensive than standard anodized aluminum horticultural tags. This particular coating has been tested in a lab to resist changing and fading due to heat and extreme temperature changes, exposure to UV sunlight, as well as a resistance to scratching. The material has been tested to last an average of 15 years in extreme exterior conditions.

Our goal with these interactive plant tags is to deliver a very high-quality, long-lasting, and attractive product that does not need frequent replacement year after year.

We have been using them in our own landscape and testing them in a public landscape since January 2014 and we have not replaced one yet due to wear or age.

Please visit info.plantsmap.com/tags to read more about pricing and the benefits of using interactive plant tags and signs linking to your plant pages on Plants Map. From this page you can also order a custom sample tag or a custom sample box of items. You can also download a printable pdf showing a sample tag and sign in their actual size.

We also have a testimonials page at info.plantsmap.com/about-us/testimonials.