Plants Map

A round-up of news stories, blog posts and podcasts from across the internet that mention or feature Plants Map. Thank you for the write-ups! Town Talk with Ted Schubel – Early Spring Fever Gardening Dos and Don’ts (February 20, 2020) Garden Bloggers Fling 2017 – Still Growing Gardening Podcast with Jennifer Ebeling (July 28, 2017) 10 […]

The following plants were our most popular #2016bestnine photos on Instagram from @PlantsMap.  Photos were taken by co-founders Tracy and Bill Blevins. See more photos and learn the stories behind these #2016bestnine plants below. #1 Southern Red Oak – Our subject of tree envy. 40 photos. #2 Tall Joe Pye Weed – Sharing the spotlight […]

Plants Map featured in Garden Center Magazine ‘New Tools of the Trade’ article exploring technology that helps consumers and retailers share plant information together. Garden Center Magazine Features – Cover Story: New Tools of the Trade Cutting-edge programs and technologies to help retailers improve their customer service, sales, branding and local connections. October 17, 2016 – […]

This is huge for me.  More than 16 years ago with our first house, I started gardening. To help figure things out, one of the first books I remember was Allan Armitage’s Garden Perennials. Next I studied Armitage’s Native Plants. I had never heard of Armitage, had never met him or heard him speak. But […]