Keeping track of Plants Map tags and signs you have ordered

Once we have completed your plant tag order there are two ways that we mark the plants to help remind you that you have previously ordered a tag or sign for that plant. When you view your plant pages now there will be a small QR code icon within the cover photo portion of the […]

How to add Notes to a Collection

  Each collection or subcollection that you add has a tab section for photos, plants, notes, and a map. The notes tab was created to allow you to keep a list of reminders, completed tasks, observations, to-d0 itmes, and more on a collection or grouping of plants. You can have more than one note on a collection or subcollection. […]

How to use the Notes tab on plant pages

Each plant that you add has a tab section for photos, plant details, growing details, notes and comments. The notes tab was created to allow you to keep a list of reminders, tasks, observations, dates and more on a plant. You can have several notes by categories you create. Your notes can be updated and amended overtime. Your […]

If I sell my property is there a way to transfer the tags, codes and plants to a new owner?

This was a great question from one of our users. We can move or copy plants to a new profile upon request from the current owner of the plants. Plants with tags or signs can be redirected to the new owner as well. We suggest the following for residential properties: Organize your My Plants Map […]

How to use the Iris Tab to record custom plant details

The Plants Map Iris Tab Once you have subscribed to the custom plant tab for your Iris collection, you will see an option when you edit your plant pages to add the Iris tab to that particular plant. You will see a Tab dropdown menu with the option to select the Iris tab below the location […]

My Tags: Ordering Tags & Signs Using My Plants Map

My Tags is a new feature within the My Plants Map tools that makes it easy to order custom, interactive signs and tags from your plant library on Plants Map. Here’s how the My Tags process works: Add your plants. Select plants from your My Plants Map library to begin your My Tags order page (see detailed steps below). From My Tags […]

How to Create a Plants Map Wish List Collection

I always like to keep a list of potential plants that I may want to add to my landscape. For years I kept spreadsheets or scribbled lists that I would carry with me or most of the time forget and leave at home. I never seemed to have my ‘wish list’ with me when I […]

My Plants Map – A Digital Plant Journal Tool is a community website that hosts botanical collections for individuals and organizations. The My Plants Map tools solve the challenges of documenting, organizing, mapping, tagging and sharing information about plants. My Plants Map will quickly become your favorite tool to digitally organize all of your plant information in one place at your fingertips. My Plants Map helps you organize your plants, with […]

Can I see a list view of plants?

You can view plants in a photo grid or in a list view within your My Plants Map page or when viewing plants, collections, or subcollections of other profiles. Look for this icon to toggle between the photo grid view and the list view.You will find this icon: On the top of your ‘My Plants Map’ page […]