How do I enter Lat/Long to a plant or collection?

There are several ways to enter address, geodata or GPS latitude and longitude data on Plants Map. All of our forms for profiles, plants, collections and subcollections allow you to enter an address, manually enter the Lat/Long data, or use a find my location option. All geodata locations may also be set to private or public. To […]

What Can I Map on Plants Map?

On Plants Map there are 5 types of content that can include pin location information on our maps. All location information provided is optional. When you enter edit mode for any of the following forms you will see a ‘pin location’ option. Individual Profile Organization Profile Plants Collections SubCollections None of these forms of content automatically add […]

Can I map points of interest or other things besides plants?

At the moment our only ‘data’ forms to add points to our maps are for plants, a garden or plant collection, or location information for profiles. Examples of some profiles with mapped plant collections: Cossey Park Botanical Garden Virginia Big Tree Program Spotsylvania Greenways Initiative We currently use Google Maps but will also be implementing […]