Web Browser Compatibility

It has recently come to our attention that some users have experienced problems with some Plants Map features when using the Internet Explorer web browser. Since March 2015, Internet Explorer has not been updated or supported by Microsoft and it has been replaced with Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 Mobile. If you are having problems […]

How to Add Plants

To begin adding plants first either Sign Up or if you are a returning user choose Sign In. Note: if you are adding plants to an organization profile use the profile menu to switch to acting as your organization before adding plants. Go to your My Plants Map page from the top main navigation. My Plants Map […]

Does Plants Map Have an App in the iPhone or Android Store?

No App Needed for Plants Map We are regularly asked where to download our app in the Apple Store and the Google Play store for iPhones and Android phones. You don’t need to do that. Simply visit the site in your browser to view the site, to sign up or to sign in. We do not […]

Can I work on my profile, plants and collections offline and then publish?

The intention of Plantsmap.com was that all of the profiles and content that are created are added to the site live so that it is a growing website of information overtime.  We do not have a feature to save a profile, plants, or collections as a draft and then publish later. The idea is that the […]

What is my Profile Growth?

We sometimes get asked by users “where do I begin on Plants Map?” To help guide you into growing your profile and making connections on Plants Map we have added some steps and metrics that will display your ‘Profile Growth’ percentage when you view your profile. The following actions and metrics are the same for individual and organization profiles. Add […]

How to Post News on Plants Map

Post News to Plantsmap After you sign in you can post news on the top of your profile page or your home page. This post will display on the top of the Home News feed and Explore News sections until the next post. It will also be seen at the top of your profile page until your next post. News posts can be […]

How do I enter Lat/Long to a plant or collection?

There are several ways to enter address, geodata or GPS latitude and longitude data on Plants Map. All of our forms for profiles, plants, collections and subcollections allow you to enter an address, manually enter the Lat/Long data, or use a find my location option. All geodata locations may also be set to private or public. To […]

Update your profile and create a link for your website

For those of you who have websites, you know how important backlinks are for your SEO. Did you know that you can link to your website from your individual or organization profile? Likewise, many of you have asked for step by step instructions for how to link to your Plants Map profile from your blog […]

Can I copy text from other sources for my plants and collections?

The intent of Plants Map is to allow everyone to write in their own words their experiences and information about the plants they add.  Here are some guidelines on using information from other sources. As you research and find information about your plants you can summarize information in your own words in the plant story. If information […]

What Can I Map on Plants Map?

On Plants Map there are 5 types of content that can include pin location information on our maps. All location information provided is optional. When you enter edit mode for any of the following forms you will see a ‘pin location’ option. Individual Profile Organization Profile Plants Collections SubCollections None of these forms of content automatically add […]