We invite America in Bloom participants to share your story of planting community pride on Plantsmap.com

Plantsmap.com is a website community that hosts botanical collections with tools that solve the challenges of documenting, organizing, mapping, tagging and sharing information about plants.

The easy-to-learn My Plants Map tools have wide appeal among a diversity of users from those that manage public landscapes to avid plant collectors and weekend gardeners. Organization profiles can create a network of volunteers, members and community supporters.

To Begin Connecting People With your AIB Planting Pride Story:

Step 1:  Sign-up and then choose add organization to establish an organization profile. Learn more about features of an organization profile

Watch Our Video: How to Add An Organization to Plants Map

Step 2: Begin your custom My Plants Map digital plant library for your visitors and audience by creating a collection and adding plants.

  • Begin your own My Plants Map digital plant library with up to 24 plants and 4 collections.
  • Premium tiers with enhanced services can be found on our pricing page.

We encourage you to use your photos and growing notes to create a story that is unique for your visitors and audience.

Step 3:  Acting as your organization profile, visit the American in Bloom profile on Plantsmap.com at plantsmap.com/organizations/americainbloom and choose Connect to send a request to be added to their network.

Step 4: Share your new Plants Map profile link with your audience and visitors via your social channels, email campaigns, website and other outreach efforts. All of our custom plant pages can also be shared and used in your social campaigns. Learn more about how to use Plantsmap.com in your growth marketing.

As a supporter of America in Bloom, Plants Map has created a custom America in Bloom template option that displays the AIB logo on our interactive tags and signs to communicate to everyone who visits your community that you are an AIB participant. There is no customization fee for this template.  Learn more about our tag and signs at info.plantsmap.com/tags.

Who uses Plantsmap.com

These are just a few of the featured profiles of communities using Plantsmap.com

The easy to learn My Plants Map tools have wide appeal among a diversity of users that manage public landscapes from community parks, arboreta, trails, school gardens, university landscapes and more.

Why use Plantsmap.com?

  • Plantsmap.com is a free digital plant library that can act as a tourism, marketing and educational tool.
  • Plantsmap.com can be used as a record keeping tool to save plant material information, suppliers, and maintenance records.
  • Plantsmap.com can be used to acknowledge memorial plantings, donors, sponsors or grants on the plant profiles and the corresponding tags or signs.
  • Create interest, draw visitors and engage your local community with your Plantsmap.com profile, plant library and collections that share your America in Bloom story.
  • Inspire others to plant pride in their communities as well.
  • Visit our Featured Profiles journal series to learn why others are using Plants Map to grow their world.

Features of Plantsmap.com

  1. My Plants Map is a mobile, cloud-based, digital plant library to document your plantings. With an organization profile you can invite others to Connect and share the role of an admin to keep the information updated reducing errors caused by sharing spreadsheets or manual record keeping.
  2. Custom plant pages are created by each profile with a photo gallery, a plant story, planting and growing details, reference links, and notes.
  3. Collections allow users to organize their plants by their own categories. Collections also include a photo gallery to showcase their landscape plantings.
  4. Easily create maps of your plants and collections. Staff and volunteers have access to an easy-to-use tool that does not require an app, specific software, or devices. This minimizes equipment expenses and time associated with training team members.
  5. Order interactive plant tags and signs that enhance the experience for your visitors and connect their smartphones and mobile devices to information about your AIB plantings. Plantsmap.com users can easily and affordably order custom tags using our innovative My Tags tool.
  6. Organizations have a network feature that allows other profiles of volunteers or community supporters to connect and share their participation in your America in Bloom project.

We invite you to learn more