is a free mobile-responsive website community that hosts botanical collections with tools that solve the challenges of documenting, organizing, mapping, tagging and sharing information about plants.

The easy-to-learn My Plants Map tools have wide appeal among a diversity of users from those that manage public landscapes to avid plant collectors and weekend gardeners. Organization profiles can create a network of volunteers, members and community supporters.

  • Begin your own My Plants Map digital plant library with up to 24 plants and 4 collections.
  • Premium tiers with enhanced services can be found on our pricing page.

Features of

  1. Explore the community, collections and plants and follow others based on your growing interests.
  2. Use My Plants Map as a mobile, cloud-based, digital plant library tool to document your plantings.
    • Create your own plant pages with a photo gallery, a plant story, planting and growing details, reference links, and notes.
    • Customize your plants with our optional tabs: Learn how to add the Iris Tab to your plant pages for further record keeping details.
    • Organize your plants into Collections. Collections also include a photo gallery to showcase your plantings or visits to other landscapes.
    • Easily create maps of your plants and collections. You can make your mapped plant and collection locations private to you or public for the community to view.
    • Our custom interactive tags and signs are available exclusively to users. Easily and affordably order custom tags using our innovative My Tags tool. Our interactive plant tags and signs enhance the experience for your visitors and connect their smartphones and mobile devices to information about your plantings.
  3. Create an organization profile for a chapter or club and invite members to Connect to your network.
  4. Create event pages from your organization profile to promote your plant sales, flower shows, and meetings.
  5. Become a ResourceJoin our new marketplace if you are a business, plant vendor, or want to offer products and services.

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