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We were introduced to Plants Map at a Southeast Conifer Society Convention. We saw the terrific interactive Plants Map signs on display and knew we wanted to add them to our garden. We had no idea we would also be getting a wonderful personal website for our collection. As we began to enter plant information and add pictures and descriptions, we were hooked. Our old spreadsheet was a rough inventory but Plants Map gave us a new way to inventory and share our collection. When a group is coming to the garden we send out our Plants Map site and people often ask to see specific plants they viewed on the site. It makes for a much more informed and interesting visit. We love the interactive signs. They give so much information and look so natural in the landscape. Whenever we can't get in the garden to work, we update and add plants to our Plants Map collection. Bill and Tracy are a wealth of information and their site is easy to navigate. Plants Map has truly given us a "new view" on our conifer collection.

Trish and Jeff Fraker Conifer Collector November 14, 2019

At the time I began using I was a co-project leader for the GPMGA's native plant trail. The organization decided to use for the 5 gardens maintained by our association. I took on the task of entering the Powhatan Native Plant Trail's existing plants. I found the web site easy to learn and use in spite of my basic computer skills. I also decided to maintain my home's gardens on the web site and love that I can enter as I buy and delete with a plant's demise. Thank you for allowing small garden users to maintain a free database!

Peggy Howell Homeowner & Master Gardener - Goochland Powhatan Master Gardener Association November 14, 2019

Our club maintains two small, historic gardens. PlantsMap is a great tool for raising public awareness of our gardens and the plants in them.

Linda Suskie Board Secretary, Arasapha Garden Club November 8, 2019

We are a native plant exhibit in the woods behind the Powhatan County library. The QR code for the exhibit is on our trailhead signs. Our PlantsMap collection provides visitors a virtual tour of our plants at their best regardless of the season.

Richard Ayers Master Gardener October 9, 2019

PlantsMap provides up-to-date gardening info that is researched and proven. Plus, I love the plant tags.

Ronald Elardo Editor, Conifer Quarterly October 9, 2019

I was thrilled when I found Plants Map!! The signs are handsome and durable. Also competitive with other vendors. The best part is the QR code link to the website. I had been searching for a method to disseminate horticultural information about the plants in the Scarbrough and North Garden. So not only does using Plants Map allow me to do so but I can also write interesting attributes of the plants in the My Plants Story section. For example, for the Pteris Fern, I wrote that it accumulates arsenic as it grows and has been an important plant for phytoremediation.

Catherine Adler Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum and Gardens October 9, 2019

As directors of an arts organization that offers 80 types of illustrated gardening seeds along with gardening art competitions and community sculpture gardens, we have found Plants Map to be an indispensable resource for cataloging our seeds, researching other plants, and networking with other garden-related resources. Of course, those coded metal tags could not be easier to use. No garden-related entity should be without a Plants Map profile. We regularly recommend Plants Map to others.

Mary and Larry Kinney Co-founders, University Heights Arts Association October 8, 2019

I love being able to categorize all the plants in my garden from my computer! Makes sorting and tracking so much easier!

Katie Dubow Creative Dir October 8, 2019

Plants Map is a dream come true! We have staked our garden plants at the fairgrounds with the common name, scientific name, QR code, and a line of text such as our organization name and/or In Memory Of (or In Honor Of). We also have staked trees and some statues near the gardens. Folks walking through the area are impressed with the tags as they want to know more about the plants in the gardens. Can't say enough good things about Plants Map!!!!!!

Jan Johnson Fairgrounds Master Gardener Volunteer May 27, 2019

Plants Map is an incredible resource! Offering the plant tags with a QR code that takes you to more information is genius! And they are beautiful too.

Jean Corbett Founder, Experience Community Education May 27, 2019

I love these tags! Being a home gardener, they are not only durable and affordable, but they link to the pages that I use to track what is in my gardens and how are they growing. I have the ability to put exactly the information I want on the tags -- In my case Latin name, Common name and then using "TEXT" I include whether the plants are native to my county, my state etc. Plants Map is one of my favorite tools in my gardens here on Indigo Lane.

Betty Truax Gardener April 1, 2019

I was recently able to achieve Level 1 Arboretum Certification through the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council (TUFC) for our beautiful historic neighborhood in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. In the process of looking for tree identification signs, the TUFC recommended that I take a look at Plants Map for their ability to provide interactive plant labels. Bill Blevins took the time to explain the QR code benefit that Plants Map provides, being able to add a plethora of information about each tree that visitors to our arboretum can access by simply scanning the QR code with their smartphones! I ordered my 36 signs and the requisite hardware, which all arrived in perfect condition.

A couple of weeks ago, I placed another order for a few more signs to identify some recent additions to our arboretum. Two of the new trees are being dedicated in a weekend ceremony, in memory of neighbors who are no longer with us. (Another benefit of Plants Map is the ability to add a story about each tree. For the two trees commemorating our neighbors, I included short bios describing their contributions to our community so that anyone who passes by and scans the QR code can not only learn about the trees but also about those for whom they memorialize.) Bill sent the signs but I never received them. When I contacted Bill and explained my predicament and the urgency of needing the signs for the Dedication ceremony, he assured me that he would reprint them and overnight them to me. He did! They arrived just in time and I was able to place them in front of the trees, all set and ready for the much-anticipated ceremony!

It is with much appreciation that I highly recommend Plants Map, not only for their dedication to preserving and sharing information for the benefit of public education about our natural environment but for their personal and patient customer service.

Bill and Tracy Blevins and their staff have been incredibly helpful. They’re very knowledgeable and readily available to provide assistance. I look forward to a long ongoing relationship with them as partners in this ever-evolving project that is the Fort Wood Arboretum!

Thanks so much, guys!

Very Sincerely,

Diana Davies

Diana Davies Fort Wood Arboretum Founder March 4, 2019

I serve on a team, along with 5 other Master Gardener, Tree Steward volunteers at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. We recently began working with Charles Gardener the CW Arborist on a project to create an arboretum in the Historic Area. At the very beginning, we were referred to by Eric Wiseman, Ph.D. At VA Tech, as a place that would allow us easily to create a map and develop an inventory base that would be easily accessible by the public who visit Colonial Williamsburg, in person or online.

We found that Plants Map offered the complete package, that not only allowed us to download a significant amount of data for each of the trees and woody shrubs in the collection, but also provided a means of linking that data through their QR tags that we used to label the entire arboretum. The tagging system available through Plants Map is very affordable and connects seamlessly with the website to allow visitors to self-guide their own tours through the Arboretum.

The tags from Plants Map are durable, easy to read and come with complete mounting kits for trees or stakes. We have ordered over 175 tags and are very happy with the quality of the product.

None of us were technical wizards and with the generous advice and assistance patiently provided by Bill Blevins, our task became easier and more manageable as we completed our work. The result is that the Colonial Williamsburg Arboretum is currently a fully accredited Level I arboretum certified by the ArbNet Arboretum Accreditation Program (, maintained by the Morton Arboretum. Our application for Level II status is presently pending.

Bill and Tracy provide a personal service that associates our organization with other similar organizations throughout the country and allows us to keep current with happenings in plant-based endeavors elsewhere. Theirs’ is a true labor of love for nature and gardening that is a great fit for any organization, large or small, that wants to preserve and share information about the natural world. I highly recommend Plants Map if you are looking for a way to manage your plant information.

Rick Brown Master Gardener, Tree Steward Volunteer, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia March 1, 2019

The East Tennessee State University Arboretum recently worked with Plants Map on an order of 500 tree ID signs (the large signs, approximately 4 ¾ x 3 ¼ inches). This was a complex order, because our signs include common name, botanical name, plant family, and natural distribution for each species. We paid the extra set-up fee and included our University logo. The Plants Map signs also included the square Quick Response (QR) Code that link to our online plants pages. Throughout the order and production process, Bill Blevins and the other staff at Plants Map were quick to respond to all of our questions, requests, and concerns. The editing process went smoothly and we were able to review and approve the proofs before the signs were made. The production was done on an efficient time schedule. The signs are excellent. They were carefully packed and shipped. All were received in good condition. I am pleased with the high quality of the signs. They are neat, easily legible, and attractive. We used the long stakes from Plants Map and added one rivet to reinforce the adhesive provided with the stakes. I have recommended these signs to other Arboreta and would also recommend them to individual gardeners and tree lovers for their personal collections. Not only are they great quality in anodized aluminum signs, but they are also provided at a lower cost than offered by other sign companies.

Besides their excellent plant label signs, the other big advantage of the Plants Map system is their on-line plant lists which are posted on at no additional charge. For the ETSU Arboretum, we have posted photos of some 450 trees and shrubs in our campus plantings. We've added selected links with each tree species name and photos, which link to in-depth information on each species or cultivar provided by trusted botanical websites. The Plants Map web pages are designed to make it easy to upload photos and links, and their staff assisted us in bulk uploads to our online list.

Plants Map fills a unique niche in the sphere of botanical gardens, arboreta, and home gardens. They provide top-quality signs and incorporate these with excellent on-line plant species listings. Their signs are less expensive than others of this quality, and their service is first-rate. The option to include photos, stories and links at one's own Plants Map garden listing is tremendous. The direct QR code link from the signs to the online plant list is a key function. I recommend Plants Map to anyone who wishes to document, label and share information on their living botanical collections, gardens, or arboreta.

Dr. Tim McDowell Professor, Biological Sciences, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN October 6, 2017

Our nonprofit, Backyard Abundance, has purchased dozens of plant tags from Plants Map for public landscapes in Iowa City. Their service has been fantastic with lots of hand-holding and thoughtfulness. The signs are excellent quality. I highly recommend them.

Fred Meyer Backyard Abundance Co-Director September 29, 2017

We were looking for plant ID signs for our demonstration rain gardens. Those from Plants Map fit the bill, and they are always quick to accommodate our needs and answer questions.

Hope Brock Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority September 21, 2017

We love Plants Map and have many of our trees along our Grelen Trails labeled thanks to their service. If you are a plant lover, you definitely need to know about Plants Map!

Leslie Gregg Owner, The Market at Grelen September 12, 2017

I had an opportunity to tour the Plants Map gardens owned by Plants Map founders Tracy and Bill Blevins in Spotsylvania County, Va. in June 2017. I was greatly impressed by both the gardens and the application of Plants Map technology. I saw how QR codes provide a wealth of information that can be utilized by garden owners and visitors alike. I used an Apple iPad Pro to scan the codes, and immediately a wealth of information popped up about each plant. There were seasonal pictures to show how each plant looked during different times of the year, and information about the plant's origins (when planted), seasonal care, etc. I can see how botanical gardens and homeowners alike can use the technology. Price seems reasonable, and maintenance looks easy.

Ron Singleton Master Gardener August 1, 2017

A must for any green thumb looking to document and/or share their garden! Plants Map allows others to enjoy my garden as much I do. It has also served as a wonderful source to explore and educate myself through others gardens!

Haleigh Ciel June 30, 2017

Plants Map has been such a vital source in my gardening journey. It is the perfect tool to keep track of every important tree and plant you purchase for your landscape. It is a vast and educational community filled with reliable resources right at your fingertips. The ability to mark my garden favorites with tags allows me to include, show and share my love of nature with neighbors, friends and family. Plants Map provides me with the ease of organization and allows me to have full control of my garden that was otherwise not possible. Using has given me the confidence I need to take my abilities to the next level. Plants Map inspires me to get outside, meet new horticultural experts and be the best gardener I can be.

Angie Rose Gardener & Blogger at June 22, 2017

When I order (usually at the last minute for some event) they are immediately there electronically to help with always good input and spirit! I really appreciate how fast the "proof" is reviewed by staff and how changes if needed are quickly communicated. Plantsmap cares about our mission of public education in the herb garden. More visitors commented or were seen with phones looking at the herb signs this year at the herb garden during the annual Louisa Heritage Day in April. With the QR codes it makes it so easy to add and edit each entry. Every year we add to the signs identifying herbs, plants, and trees and we can see that the public uses and enjoys them.

Deb Field Coordinator for the Louisa Herb Guild, Louisa County Historical Society June 22, 2017

My garden has grown up with Plants Map. The trees and shrubs are all mapped on Plants Map. Each tags helps me quickly access information about that plant and its story. My backyard feels like a botanic garden with the durable tags from Plants Map!

Brad Grimm Gardener June 12, 2017

We have created almost 60 Plantsmap signs to describe the native plants we have recently installed at our organization's largest wetlands restoration site at Riverpoint Park in Norfolk, Virginia. The Plantsmap signs are very affordable yet are high quality and have held up extremely well over several years in and near the saline marsh environment. Our restoration site has become as much a teaching site as a restoration project, so the Plantsmap signs have been a wonderful addition because they can quickly and easily educate the public about the native plants. The QR code feature on each sign is fantastic, as it enables us to create a custom page describing each plant. These web pages can provide photos of the plants' flowers, fruits and foliage during several seasons, and detailed plant info if the visitor wants to learn more.

RUTH MARTIN Project Leader with Lafayette Wetlands Partnership June 6, 2017

We donated several plants to our local community center in honor or memory of club members whose contributions had been significant and we wished to recognize. We ordered plant signs from Plants Map and they were perfect. Just the right size, just the right information, just the right price. We will definitely be using this service again!

Pat Jessupp President, Oxford Garden Club June 5, 2017

I teach a Mountain Ecology course at a boarding school for high school boys in Virginia. Over the years the students in this course have built and developed an Interpretive Trail on campus. After discovering Plants Map, I quickly realized it was a great way to create a digital record of the numerous tree ID signs that have been created over the years. We have also utilized PlantsMap's ID tags for numerous trees on the school's Front Lawn. Plants Map is a great tool to help my students generate content and create a reference database for others. The database is also proving to be instrumental as we seek Arboretum status with ArbNet.

Cory Woods Assistant Director of Outdoor Programs; Blue Ridge School June 1, 2017

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A great place to share plant photos and information with others who are interested in plants.

Anelle Plant geek May 29, 2017

Love the site, love learning about my plants and what others are doing in the area. I think the QR tag concept is awesome and look for them whenever I visit a public gardens or university. Keep up the good work.

John Small personal farming and landscaping May 26, 2017 has allowed our school to create a user-friendly data base of the Lower School's significant trees and shrubs so that teachers are able to access and share with the younger students. The tags also help our families and visitors to access this information. We also provide links to the Plants Map site on our school's website. We look forward to expanding our database as we plant new trees, as well.

Brian Kane Director of Environmental Stewardship May 26, 2017

Such a user-friendly platform, web-based and real time! It gave our little botanical garden a place to call horticultural home, outside of the university website, wherein we could get more detailed and post more photos of each plant. It also allows us to catalog our specimen palm collection... and the plant tags are the finishing touch!

Holly Chichester University Horticulturist and Manager of Grounds Operations May 25, 2017

We ordered Plantsmap's ID signs; the staff was extremely helpful, the ID signs were great quality and were delivered quickly. Don't hesitate to order from these folks!

Dona Bergman Grants Manager May 25, 2017

Plants Map is truly unique idea. The Cecil College and Horticulture Club was excited to be able to participate in this program. Our plant tags arrived quickly. Loading data into your own "Plants Map" is user friendly. This will make learning about the College Plants more interactive and fun.

Christy Michaud Cecil College Horticulture Club Secretary May 25, 2017

Plants Map works well for us at Pocahontas State Park in two ways -
1) We have labelled tree trails to help visitors identify trees, and we have landscape gardens with plant tags so that curious visitors are able to put names to some of the plants that they see here.
2) We are documenting the plants and activities in the landscape gardens, both to help with current maintenance and to facilitate the transfer of knowledge as volunteers transition in and out.

The online system is good and keeps getting better, and the label products and the service are first-rate.

Ben Hedges Pocahontas State Park Volunteer May 24, 2017

Love this site, so easy to navigate, that means a lot to me. Lots of good knowledge awaits you.

Margie Kuykendall amateur gardener May 24, 2017 is a great resource for plant tags, gardens, and plant information. I use it to discover plants and to educate landscape design clients about plants I am suggesting for their gardens. What a great resource!

Benjamin Bowen Landscape Designer at Ross NW Watergardens May 24, 2017

I am using Plants Map to create educational signage for my property, for benefit of grandchildren and those interested in plants, especially native trees and shrubs. I continue to add to my site with additional species and photos. I cannot imagine how I could do this without Plants Map.

Beverly Hunter Amissville, VA May 24, 2017

"Best Present Ever!!" My husband's reaction to the Plants Map signs I gave him for Xmas. No one gets in our front door without a tour of his "signs." Best gift ever ????

Melody Van Ess Cave Creek, AZ May 24, 2017

At the University of Puget Sound we have a Native Species garden located inside a courtyard between two science buildings. The garden is unique in that it is home to native plants from the Pacific Northwest as well as other locations around the world with similar climate. Using the Plants Map site to catalog, then order interactive plant tags was very user friendly, and a great tool to showcase this hidden garden. The main idea behind using Plants Map was to allow students, staff, and visitors to interact with the garden, and learn about the plant material. Every summer, I choose a project for my student work crew to complete, and last summer the garden became fully interactive, and our students we able to learn about the plant material while they installed the signs. Plants Map interactive plant tags are a great tool, and we have plans to tag more plant material.

Barrett Scott Tripp Grounds Supervisor - University of Puget Sound May 24, 2017

Working with Plants Map for the tree signs in the Linthicum Walks Arboretum has been very easy, the signs are great and the webpages are a big hit. We use Plants Map as part of our tree identification and signage. Sponsors of our trees love the ability to link from the tree sign to the website for more information. One tree was sponsored by the parents of a couple recently married under their favorite tree in the arboretum. They were thrilled to have the tree sign link to the Plants Map page with a picture of the wedding!

George Percivall Arboretum volunteer May 24, 2017

I love having all the trees identified. We have a bit of property and have purchased a number of combination trees. It was impossible to keep track of what was what. Now, we can not only see all the different varieties but I can track their location on the Plants Map website. Everyone always wants to know where I got the great tags!!!

Elizabeth Grasso Homeowner May 24, 2017

I wanted handsome, long lasting plant tags that could link me to more complete information on each of my 300+ trees AND geolocate each plant thru the use of QR codes and an online data bank. Plants Map fit the bill, and so did Bill Blevins, the owner. He and Tracy (wife & partner) was more than helpful in guiding me towards making it happen. If you're looking for plant tags that can do more than just offer the name of a plant, I'd highly recommend these fully functional tags.

Ward Wilson Private enthusiast May 24, 2017

Plants Map has served my school and me very well! They are a great company with a great product. Not only do you get a high quality product, but they also work with you very well (like adding QR codes to go on your identification tags). The use of the Plants Map website was also a huge bonus, and great for my students to use. Anybody who walks the trails of the Kate Palmer Wildlife Sanctuary can now scan the tree tags, be connected to our page, and then find out the name and species of the tree. Great company!

Clint Genthner Teacher May 24, 2017

For years I tried to keep all my photos of my plants together with my notes, plant tags, reference sources, and other info. Now keeps it all together in the palm of my hand for me. No more binders, photo albums, spreadsheets, hand drawn maps, or apps that didn't meet my unique plant interests. I can now carry binders worth of my plant information from my garden with me wherever I go, such as working in the garden, buying plants, or visiting other landscapes. has become my best tool in the garden for preserving my own plant information and growing details.

Tracy Blevins Avid Plant Collector, Tree Hugger, May 24, 2017

Love Plants Map! Interesting seeing how different groups garden and all the unique and different types of plants I never knew existed!

Allen Schmidt UAS/GIS Pilot, Plants Map May 24, 2017

Thanks fo much for all your help putting together my tag/stake order! Your tags are beautiful and add such a special, informative touch to our garden. Warm Regards, Pat

Pat Holder Lifelong gardener, Asheboro, NC May 30, 2016