Welcome AAS Display Gardens.  

Plantsmap.com is excited to work with and support All-America Selections by inviting AAS Display Gardens to digitally document their plantings with our free My Plants Map tools and connecting with the AAS profile

Step 1:  Sign-up and then choose add organization to establish an organization profile. Learn more about features of an organization profile.

Step 2: Acting as your organization profile, visit the All-America Selections profile on Plantsmap.com at plantsmap.com/organizations/all-america-selections and choose Connect to send a request to be added to their network.

Step 3: Begin your custom My Plants Map digital plant library for your visitors and audience by creating a collection for your display garden and adding plants.

  • Begin your own My Plants Map digital plant library with up to 24 plants and 4 collections. Premium tiers with enhanced services can be found on our pricing page.
  • We encourage you to use your photos and growing notes to create a story that is unique for your visitors and audience.
  • You may use the resources from the AAS website to add photos and plant information to your collection or plants with attribution to AAS.
  • You can also include links back to your website and to the AAS website to cite them as a reference source for more photos and growing details.  

Step 4: Share your new Plants Map profile link with your audience and visitors via your social channels, email campaigns, website and other outreach efforts. All of our custom plant pages can also be shared and used in your social campaigns. Learn more about how to use Plantsmap.com in your growth marketing.

Additional Features Available:

Attend A Demo:

We invite you to join one of our weekly demos on Tuesdays at 4pm ET to watch and learn how to get started and ask any questions. You can also contact Tracy Blevins at tracy@plansmap.com if you would like to schedule a demo for you or your team or have any questions on getting started.

We look forward to sharing your AAS Display Garden story via Plants Map!

Watch our getting started video