Plants Map hosts botanical collections with tools that solve the challenges of documenting, organizing, mapping, tagging and sharing information about plants.

Start by creating your own ‘My Plants Map’ plant journal and join a growing community of others who share your plant interests.

The easy to learn My Plants Map tools were designed for those who manage public landscapes, and for avid plant collectors, horticulture professionals, community groups, weekend gardeners and more!

Try out My Plants Map and add up to 24 plants and 4 collections for free. Information about premium tiers with additional features can be found on our pricing page.

Add a unique web page for each of your plants with your plant’s story, photos, notes, growing details and reference links all in one place.

Our plant labels have something you won’t find on other tags: a QR code that directly connects your plants to a smartphone or mobile device.

Use the map tools to create a private map or display a public map for your visitors. You can map plants, collections, and your connections.

Plants Map Ejournal Summer 2021 Connecting People With PlantsPlants Map

Plants Map E-Journal Summer 2021

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Summer has arrived! How is your garden trending? As things are heating up outside, let us take you on a celebration of plants of the year, perennial gardening, sunflowers, flower shows and trials, summer recipes, pollinator week, and more. 
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