Plants Map

Closure of Plants Map Inc. and

May 30, 2023

On May 2, 2023, we sadly announced the unexpected closure of Plants Map, Inc. and our website due to a server crash that resulted in losing our ability to sustain our business operations. We immediately backed up the data and began working on a simple site where plant pages could be accessed by scanning corresponding tags and signs. This project has taken longer than anticipated, but we have some encouraging news to share today.

Last week we received an offer of assistance from, a company specializing in a similar domain. Since then, we have collaborated with them to integrate the data backup into their platform. encompasses many familiar features you were accustomed to on Plants Map, with many extra features coming soon. The progress made thus far is highly promising, and we anticipate the plant information will soon be accessible online again. Additionally, scanning tags and signs will effectively guide users to the relevant plant information pages and photos and grant you access to additional features on their website.

We are committed to a smooth transition and provide them with any information about our data to expedite hosting these pages. Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this difficult time. We will provide an update shortly, introducing you to the folks at and sharing more details about the ongoing work.

Best regards,

The Plants Map Team