Can I copy text from other sources for my plants and collections?

The intent of Plants Map is to allow everyone to write in their own words their experiences and information about the plants they add.  Here are some guidelines on using information from other sources.
As you research and find information about your plants you can summarize information in your own words in the plant story. If information is publically known or is a fact, you can use that information without need for citation. For example, scientific or factual information about a plant is not subject to copyright such as botanical name, prefers full sun, USDA hardy to zones 3-9, etc.
If you find a website with helpful information we suggest you use the Reference Links to save a link to the website. You can add as many Reference Links as you like under Plant Details>Owner Information.
You can also include mention and a hyperlink within the plant story if you want to refer to additional information that you have found especially helpful.
There are many places on the internet that use what is called “Creative Commons” permissions and usually it is acceptable to copy and paste that information as long as you give credit to the source as directed.  If you use Google as your search engine and search using the “Advanced” search, there is a box to only look for results with Creative Commons permissions.
You may also want to review our Copyright Policy for further information.