What does it mean to Follow someone?

Follow on PlantsmapWhen you Follow another profile on Plants Map you are making a social connection.

This results in seeing updates that they make to their profile, such as adding new plants or updating a collection on your own customized “Home” page on Plants Map.

As you Follow more people, your Home page section becomes customized to what interests you.

The Home page news and updates is only seen when you are signed in as a user. Your “Home” page will change as you Follow more profiles on Plants Map.

You can Follow both individual profiles and organization profiles.

Look for the green Connect button on the top of a profile page.

What’s the difference between the Home section and Explore section?

If you are a brand new user and you have not followed anyone yet, you will only see your own updates in the Home section until you start to Follow other profiles.

The Explore page can be seen without being signed in as user and this page shows all content that is updating on Plants Map.

What’s the difference between Connect and Follow?

You will only see the option to Connect on an Organization profile; not on Individual profiles.

Organization profiles have this feature to allow them to show their members, volunteers, supporters or other affiliations within their profile Network section.

A user on Plants Map can click ‘Connect’ to send a request to join an organization’s network. The admins of that Organization can approve a Connection request based on their own criteria for connecting.

Not all Connection requests may be approved. You may need to be a paying member, certified volunteer, participating partner, etc. Organizations can set their own criteria for approving these connections.