What Can I Map on Plants Map?

On Plants Map there are 5 types of content that can include pin location information on our maps. All location information provided is optional.

When you enter edit mode for any of the following forms you will see a ‘pin location’ option.

  • Individual Profile
  • Organization Profile
  • Plants
  • Collections
  • SubCollections

None of these forms of content automatically add location or map information. You must choose to enter the information while in edit mode.

Public/Private Settings: All ‘pin location’ fields may be set to public or private.

  • Private: Only seen by you.
  • Public: Always the pin to show on our community maps.

The Private setting on plants, collections & subcollections allows you to make a map of your own plants that is only visible by you if you prefer.

Map Views

The main community map (Map in the navigation menu) has filters to see plants, collections and profiles of the community that have been publicly added.

Your profile map: Each profile for individuals and organizations also includes a map on your profile page. This map shows filters for plants you have added, collections, and network organization connections made. Again, if you choose to make any of your content pin information ‘private’ it will only be seen by you and not visible on the public view of your profile.

Photo: Profile Map for Cossey Botanical Park Arboretum


Watch our video on Mapping profiles, plants and collections