Are there quantity discounts for Plants Map tags and signs?

A common question we are asked is if we have quantity discounts on our Plants Map tags and signs. Our prices for tags and signs reflect our raw costs with very little wiggle room built in to provide discounts. If you are considering a large order of tags or signs where we can do all of the prep work at once and manufacture the tags in one run please feel free to contact us to discuss your potential order.

In order for us to receive a break in price from our suppliers, we need to do at least a 500 tag or sign order to offer a price break to our customers.

We do not charge a set-up fee and we have made every effort to keep our prices affordable. Our prices are based on our suppliers costs plus our own costs of import and design time and running the tags on the laser.

If you would like a custom logo on your Plants Map Tags or Signs, we do have a one-time fee to do that work and to store your logo for your orders.

Our goal with these interactive plant tags is to deliver a really high-quality product first and foremost. What that really means is we have sourced a material with a specific coating on them which makes them more expensive than standard anodized aluminum horticultural tags. This particular coating has been tested in a lab to resist changing and fading due to heat and extreme temperature changes, exposure to UV sunlight, as well as a resistance to scratching.

You can visit our Tag page to read more about pricing and the benefits of using interactive plant tags and signs linking to your pages on Plants Map.