How to Scan QR Codes on Plant Tags and Signs

We get a lot of messages asking for help with scanning the QR code on Plants Map Tags and Signs.

Since Plants Map is a website and not an app, in order to read the code on a tag you’ll need to download a free QR code reader from the app store for your phone or mobile device.

One of the QR code readers we’ve found that works really good and is widely available is from Scan Inc. You can find the link to get their QR Code reader at Scan.Me and choose the appropriate version for your phone and decide if you want the free version or pay for the ad-free version.

The ad-free version of the Scan Inc. QR Code reader is currently $1.99 and it seems to be significantly faster than the free version and we think it is well worth the price. We assume this speed boost is because you aren’t waiting for their ads to load.

Another recommended to us is QuickMark Scanner both in Android and iPhone versions.

Twitter also launched the ability to scan QR codes via their app in 2016.

  • There are 2 ways to access the scanner from the Twitter for iOS app: 1) Go to the Connect tab: Tap the search icon and tap QR Code. This will bring up the scanner. 2) From your profile page: Tap the gear icon  and then tap QR Code. Tap QR scanner.
  • There are 2 ways to access the scanner from the Twitter for Android app:  From the navigation menu icon or your profile icon, tap QR code. This will bring up the scanner. 2) From your profile page: Tap the overflow icon and then tap QR Code. Tap QR scanner.

There are many other free readers available in the app stores. We’ve tried dozens of them. If you want to try some, jut search for “QR Code Reader” to get the list of available QR Code reader apps.

There are two things to be aware of when you use these QR code reader apps:

  1. Some of these QR Code reader apps have their own browser built into their app. We have seen some that display the linked page but the button’s aren’t clickable on the page. Most of these apps have a setting to open pages in your phone’s default browser.This is helpful if you are scanning tags for your own plants because you can sign in to with and then when you scan a tag, immediately start editing your plant by adding more information and photos.
  2. Some QR Code reader apps also read other kinds of codes. If you are trying to scan a QR Code and the scanner isn’t working, make sure you aren’t on the UPC scanner setting.

We plan to incorporate our own QR reader in future developments of a companion app for our website. Until then, you can either use the QR Code reader of your choice or just use the Search feature on the top of our site to jump to a plant’s information page.