How to Post News

Post News to Plantsmap


After you sign in you can Post News on the top of the Home page. This post will display on the top of the Home News and Explore News sections until the next post. It will also be seen at the top of your Profile News until the next post by you or an update to your plants or collections.

News posts can be about your activity on Plants Map or other botanical or horticultural news, topics, events, announcements and links from other websites. You can add a photo and include a website URL link, including links to your profile on Plantsmap, your plants, collections, etc.

To Post News:

  1. Sign In or Sign Up 
  2. Use the profile menu to choose if your are acting as My Profile or an organization profile.
  3. Go to your Home page of Plants Map
  4. At the top you will see the option to Post: “What’s new and growing in your world?”

We encourage you to share about your plants, your gardening and other horticultural topics including news, events & announcements. Please keep your posts botanically based.

Where is your News Post Seen?

Your posted news will be seen

  1. At the top of your Home page News section until the next post by a user you follow is made.
  2. At the top of the Explore page News section until the next post by a user is made.
  3. At the top of your Profile page News section.

Profile Page News

Whatever you post on the home page will also show at the top of your profile page until your next post. Example:

Posts unrelated to the subject matter of Plants Map or reported by other users as inappropriate may be removed.