Can the plant tag QR code go to websites other than Plants Map?

Our tags and signs are created with an automated process that makes a qr code that links to your plant pages on only.

We have built a system where we are very careful that those links are static and the links never change so the codes continue to work through our various site updates that happen every two weeks.

Scanning a Plants Map tag opens a page on and on that page, you can include one or more links to any other website where visitors can get even more information about that particular plant.

There are two ways to do this.
  1. One way is by using what we call “Reference Links” where you can add one or more links in the Plant Details section to sites you like with more information about that plant. This can be found under the Plant Details tab > Owner  Information > Reference Links.
  2. The other way is to use the hyperlink tool in the “story” or description area on the top of the plant page. When you are writing about the particular plant, you can highlight some of the text and link it to another site.

We do not print tags or signs that go to other websites or other items of interest.