Plants Map Tags and Signs In Use

We wanted to share some of the photos we have started to collect and receive of Plants Map tags and signs.  We would love to see your tags and signs in use in your landscape or botanical collection. Here’s 3 ways to send them to us: Post them to your own plant or collection pages Use our social hashtags […]

Troubleshooting a QR Code reader that is not working

One of the problems with scanning a QR code is that free apps that are available to read them vary greatly. There are a lot of old, really poorly built apps available in the app stores today. Here is a short post with suggestions for getting a good QR Code reader and setting it up properly, not […]

Is a Link to the Organization Website Embedded on the Plants Map Tag or Sign QR Code?

We are often asked what is embedded in the QR code on Plants Map Tags and Signs. The QR code holds the URL to the webpage for the plant profile created by you under your profile on Plants Map. When scanned by a QR reader it shows your unique plant webpage and any information you provided. You […]

Do I Send You The QR code to use on Plants Map Tags And Signs?

When a plant is added to Plants Map, the QR code is automatically generated using the URL for that specific plant webpage that was just created. Each Plants Map Tag and Sign uses a QR code that links to the web page for your unique plant. You do not need create your own QR codes […]

What Is Embedded In The QR Code On Plants Map Tags And Signs?

After you add a plant to Plants Map, that plant information and photos will live permanently on a webpage on the site. The link or URL for that plant web page is what we use to create the QR Code on the interactive Plants Map Tags and Signs. When a visitor to your garden scans […]

All QR Code Readers Are Not Created Equally

We’ve manufactured thousands of interactive plant tags and signs that use quick response codes, or “QR Codes” that link to pages We check every QR code before we ship our tags and signs but occasionally get comments from user that some QR Code Readers just don’t work. We’ve done a lot of research and […]

How to Scan QR Codes on Plant Tags and Signs

We get a lot of messages asking for help with scanning the QR code on Plants Map Tags and Signs. Since Plants Map is a website and not an app, in order to read the code on a tag you’ll need to download a free QR code reader from the app store for your phone […]