Plants Map fosters new connections at Florida Tech Botanical Garden

When Jerome Keuper, founder and former president of theFlorida Institute of Technology, began landscaping the school’s campus in Melbourne, Fla., in the 1960s, he quickly learned how carefully he would need to choose palms to adorn the grounds. After a particularly harsh winter in 1961, nearly all of the royal palms that had been planted […]

Cossey Park Arboretum: Tags Now in Place to Educate Visitors

I am very pleased to announce that we have donated the remaining Plants Map tags to Cossey Botanical Park Arboretum. I believe every landscape is an opportunity to share information with others by telling the stories of the plants from our own experiences with them. In January 2014 when we launched Plants Map at Startup Weekend […]

Best Wishes to Garden Walk Buffalo 2015

Plants Map is again a contributing sponsor for Garden Walk Buffalo, July 25-26. This is the largest free, self-guided tour in the country with more than 400 participating Buffalo gardens. This premier event has been held annually for more than 20 years on the last full weekend of July. What began as an effort to […]

Plants Map Helps Angie The Freckled Rose Stay Organized

For the average person, it appears impossible to grow a love for gardening, a network of equally passionate gardeners, and a successful website within 5 years. For New England gardener Angie Rose, owner and creator of, it was more than possible with the help of Plants Map, her boyfriend’s mom, and Twitter’s #gardenchat. Around […]

The Daniel Boone Native Gardens Create Plant Collection Resource

Thanks to the dedicated work of Dr. Annkatrin Rose – “Keeper Of Plant The List” – and botany teacher at Appalachian State University, you can now tour the Daniel Boone Native Gardens on Plants Map. While creating an inventory of the collections and plants in the Boone, NC gardens, they have made this invaluable resource accessible […]

Graceland Cemetery Introduces a Plants Map Interactive Arboretum Tour

Chicago’s historic Graceland Cemetery is providing visitors a unique way to connect with its renowned beauty by using to provide interactive self-guided tours showing photographs and details about the trees in the park-like “Cemetery of Architects.” Graceland recently became a certified arboretum, and staff there quickly realized there was a demand for a digital […]