Teachers use Plants Map to help a new generation connect with nature

On one of the first days of his mountain ecology science class at the Blue Ridge School, Cory Woods asked his students how many different trees they think they’d pass walking between two specific points on the campus of this private boys’ school near Charlottesville, Va. After students made guesses in the range of 12 […]

Newlin Grist Mill a refuge for connecting with nature, history

At the outer fringe of the Philadelphia suburbs, a 160-acre park manages to be a natural oasis, hands-on learning lab and preserver of early American ways of life, all under one umbrella. The Newlin Grist Mill, a 1704 mill surrounded by a park laced with trails, trout and frog ponds is run by the nonprofit […]

The Gardens at Heather Farm attracts visitors with online plant collection

In a small triangular garden at the Gardens at Heather Farm is a Japanese Black Pine that was propagated in 1942, decades before it was installed in the garden in 1989. “It’s a real treasure,” said Garden Manager Brian Larsen, and it’s now one of many unique plants that could introduce plant enthusiasts from all over […]

Professor uses Plants Map to raise awareness about tree programs

Cities and utility companies spend a lot of money maintaining the infrastructure that keeps cars moving, homes lit and water running through pipes and storm drains. But there’s good reason to put just as much energy into maintaining another key piece of urban infrastructure: trees. Trees in cities can help clean the air, manage storm […]

Professor uses Plants Map to demonstrate how art and plants pair naturally

Gingko Biloba, by San Francisto Art Institute student Reed Walker When artists look to Mother Nature for design inspiration, it’s quite likely their search will land on something green. From intricate patterns to vivid colors, plants have much to offer the visual artist. That’s central to the message Carol Manahan delivers in the classes she […]

University of the District of Columbia seeks solutions to feed an increasingly urban world

For many people, the words, “college of agriculture” conjure up images of livestock, large-scale farm equipment and pastoral settings. But at the University of the District of Columbia’s College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability and Environmental Sciences (CAUSES), testing grounds are much more likely to be rooftop gardens, small raised beds and other creative means of growing sustenance in […]

Backyard Abundance sees opportunity in every landscape

Talk to Fred Meyer for any length of time, and you’ll quickly gain a new perspective on the landscapes around you. You’ll start to see how—with a few thoughtful changes—lawns, yards, parks and other expanses might do more than just contribute to the aesthetics of their community. With the right plants, they might even help […]

Plants Map fosters new connections at Florida Tech Botanical Garden

When Jerome Keuper, founder and former president of theFlorida Institute of Technology, began landscaping the school’s campus in Melbourne, Fla., in the 1960s, he quickly learned how carefully he would need to choose palms to adorn the grounds. After a particularly harsh winter in 1961, nearly all of the royal palms that had been planted […]

Cossey Park Arboretum: Tags Now in Place to Educate Visitors

I am very pleased to announce that we have donated the remaining Plants Map tags to Cossey Botanical Park Arboretum. I believe every landscape is an opportunity to share information with others by telling the stories of the plants from our own experiences with them. In January 2014 when we launched Plants Map at Startup Weekend […]

Best Wishes to Garden Walk Buffalo 2015

Plants Map is again a contributing sponsor for Garden Walk Buffalo, July 25-26. This is the largest free, self-guided tour in the country with more than 400 participating Buffalo gardens. This premier event has been held annually for more than 20 years on the last full weekend of July. What began as an effort to […]