Plants Map Developer Updates: May 2017

A summary of updates and new features released as of May 13, 2017. New user ‘stats’ summary on individual and organization profiles showing number of plants, collections, network connections, followers, and following. All stats are clickable shortcut links.   New user ability to Post News from their profile page at the top of their ‘News’ section. […]

Developer Updates: April 2017

A summary of updates and new features released as of April 21, 2017. Bug fixes and updates made to the My Tags ordering pages. New pricing, products and discounts included in the ordering tool.   Improved social sharing toolbar on plants, collections and subcollections with additional options to email, print a pdf, and other choices […]

Developer Updates: May 2016

A summary of updates and new features released in May 2016. Release 34 – May 31, 2016 Main navigation elements on all main pages now include plants, collections, community, resources and events. New mobile friendly design for the main Resources page with search ability by title, keyword and category. Organizations can now send a request […]

Developer Updates: March 2016

A summary of updates and new features released in March 2016 Release 30 – March 29, 2016 Events tool launched. Organizations now have the ability to create an event page. The event will be seen within a new section on their profile page for Events. View more on this section will open a searchable page […]

Developer Updates: February 2016

A summary of updates and new features released in February 2016. Release 27 February 19 Resources section launched on Explore page. My Tags – Continued improvements to the My Tags feature. Tab Manager – Continued development and testing of the customized plant tab library. Release 26 – February 16 My Tags – Continued improvements to […]

Developer Updates January 2016

Release 25 – January 18, 2016 My Tags – Tag ordering tool is launched within the My Plants Map page. Live testing and continued development based on feedback. Users can now select from their online plant library to make a list of tags and signs to order. Step by step instructions will be posted in […]

Developer Updates: December 2015

Release 23 Updates Plant Profiles: More than 30 changes and improvements have been made to the plant profile pages. Those changes include improvements in viewing the profiles as well as when editing the profiles. Highlights of the changes include: Improvements to the sharing functionality of a plant profile page and to the sharing toolbar. Improvements to […]

Developer Updates: November 2015

Notes on Plants Map Release 15  – November 1, 2015 Sign-up/Sign-in Improvements: New sign-up procedure where once the user has signed-up they will be routed to edit their individual profile page first. Once they choose Save they will see a pop-up window with options to Follow Others, Add Plants or Create an Organization. Sign up/Sign in Page: There is […]