How does someone become an Admin for an organization?

Organizations can have multiple individual admins. Here’s how: The Organization Owner (the individual profile that added the organization) invites potential admins to Sign Up to start an individual profile on Plants Map. Once an individual profile is created, that user should visit the organization page and click the Connect button. This sends a connection email request to the organization […]

What is the difference between Community & Network?

The Community sections include profiles of individuals and organizations on Plants Map. The Network sections however show only Connections made to Organizations on Plants Map. Community Sections The Explore page Community section includes the entire community of individual and organization profiles on Plants Map. The Explore page is viewable to website visitors as well as our users. The […]

What Can I Map on Plants Map?

On Plants Map there are 5 types of content that can include pin location information on our maps. All location information provided is optional. The mapping tool also always you to set a location as ‘private’ so that only the you, the profile owner, sees it. When you enter edit mode for any of the following forms […]

My Plants Map – A Digital Plant Journal Tool is a community website that hosts botanical collections for individuals and organizations. The My Plants Map tools solve the challenges of documenting, organizing, mapping, tagging and sharing information about plants. My Plants Map will quickly become your favorite tool to digitally organize all of your plant information in one place at your fingertips. My Plants Map helps you organize your plants, with […]

What’s the difference between Connect and Follow?

On Plants Map users have the social ability to Follow other profiles of individuals, organizations and resources. This will customize your Home page based on your interests. Request to Connect with an organization’s profile network. Approved connections are shown within the Network section on a profile page. You will only see the option to “connect” on an organization or resource profile, […]

Sign Up & Getting Started Tips is a community website to connect with others based on your growing interests and tools to create your own digital plant library.   Sign Up to create your individual My Profile. Visit our sign up page and enter an e-mail address and a password. You will then edit your individual profile (My Profile) with a display name to represent your personal identity on Plants Map. After you sign up, […]

Organization Network Connections & Roles

Organization Network Connections & Roles Organizations have the ability to receive requests from other Plants Map users to ‘Connect’ with their organization. It is at the sole discretion of the Organization Owner and Admins to set their own criteria for accepting Connections and assigning roles. The roles of an Organization’s Network are: Owner, Admins, and Connections. […]

How To Start An Organization Profile On Plants Map

Welcome to an overview of how your organization can get started on Plants Map. We are a social community that hosts plant collections to connect people based on their botanical interests. Individual and organization profiles are free. Visitors also have free access to explore and discover plants, collections, places, and the community profiles on Plants Map. How […]