Plants Map Tags and Signs In Use

We wanted to share some of the photos we have started to collect and receive of Plants Map tags and signs.  We would love to see your tags and signs in use in your landscape or botanical collection. Here’s 3 ways to send them to us: Post them to your own plant or collection pages Use our social hashtags […]

How long does it take to complete a tag or sign order?

How long does it take to complete an order?  Our process is as soon as you sign in you can add plants to your My Plants Map library. Depending on how many plants you want tags for we can also uploaded a spreadsheet to expedite the process.  See more about Sign Up and Getting Started Once the […]

Do I need to order tags for every plant?

No, you do not need to have a tag for every plant in your garden or in your My Plants Map library. was created as a way to create a digital plant library to document as many of your individual plants that you want using the My Plants Map section once you create a […]

Plants Map makes it easy to order interactive plant tags to enhance the experience of any landscape

Just in time for the 2016 growing season, has launched My Tags, an innovative tool that makes it easier than ever to order interactive plant labels customized to your landscape directly from your own My Plants Map digital plant library. The process of ordering or making labels is typically an arduous task, involving either […]

New feature makes it simple to order Plants Map interactive plant labels

It’s now easier than ever to order Plants Map’s interactive plant signs and tags, a durable and attractive solution that can add instant professionalism to any garden. Using the new My Tags page in the My Plants Map section of your profile, you can order tags for as many plants as you want with just […]

My Tags: Ordering Tags & Signs Using My Plants Map

My Tags is a new feature within the My Plants Map tools that makes it easy to order custom, interactive signs and tags from your plant library on Plants Map. Here’s how the My Tags process works: Add your plants. Select plants from your My Plants Map library to begin your My Tags order page (see detailed steps below). From My Tags […]

Can I Gift A Profile & Plant Labels?

We are frequently asked how to give Plants Map plant labels as a gift to a gardener or garden. Below we provide steps on how we recommend gifting a profile and custom labels. If you already have a Plants Map profile and you’d like to let others know you’d love to have custom labels, simply create a collection with a title such […]

Installing Plant Stakes and Markers in Hard Ground

It is about the time of year when we start hearing questions from our customers about the best way to install plant tags on plant stakes in the ground. The hot summer has dried up the soil and the moisture that most of us expect to come with the Fall season hasn’t yet arrived. The […]

What material are the stakes made from?

Our stakes are made out of aluminum. They are anodized with a protective black coating. The stakes are 20″ long with a point on one end and a 1″ 3/4″ bend on the top. The cut ends of the aluminum are not anodized because they are cut to length after they are coated. The bend on top […]