Can the branch tag be used with tree mounting hardware?

  We do not suggest using the tree mounting hardware with the branch tags with a side hole. They were designed this way to be used on shrubs or smaller, young trees to hang with our ski tag attachment from a branch. In order to keep a tag horizontal you would need to tightly compress the spring creating too much […]

How to attach plant stakes to Plants Map signs and tags

You’ve just received your plant signs and tags and plant stakes and now it’s time to assemble them and put them out in your landscape. Here are a few tips to help you to attach your stakes to your signs so that you will have permanent mounting and you do it without accidentally attaching the […]

How to remove tags and signs from plant stakes without damage

If you’ve purchased Plants Map stakes with interactive tags or signs and it was for one of your plants that died, you may want to throw away the label but save the stake to reuse it again for another plant. Removing tags and signs from Plants Map stakes is nearly impossible without damaging the label or […]

Can I make changes to the Plantsmap tag or sign templates?

Our My Tags ordering system uses pre-formatted templates to make the ordering process affordable and easy for everyone. Therefore we do not charge set-up fees when using our templates. Any changes to the formatting of these layouts or to replace the Plants Map logo with another logo requires a one time customization fee of $500. […]

Can the position of the hole on a Plantsmap tag or sign be changed?

Can the position of the hole on a tag or sign be changed? No, we order only 4 blanks from our supplier and they come with a hole already drilled on the side for a tag or a hole at the top center on a sign and then tags and signs with no holes. We […]

Can the plant tag QR code go to websites other than Plants Map?

Our tags and signs are created with an automated process that makes a qr code that links to your plant pages on only. We have built a system where we are very careful that those links are static and the links never change so the codes continue to work through our various site updates […]

Can I order tags for a purpose other than marking plants? is built to host botanical collections with tools to document, map, and tag plants.  We have not built forms other than for plants, collections, profiles and events. Our goal was to make it easy and affordable to order customized plant tags and signs from your digital plant library hosted on Our automated process […]

Plants Map Tags and Signs In Use

We wanted to share some of the photos we have started to collect and receive of Plants Map tags and signs.  We would love to see your tags and signs in use in your landscape or botanical collection. Here’s 3 ways to send them to us: Post them to your own plant or collection pages Use our social hashtags […]

How long does it take to complete a tag or sign order?

How long does it take to complete an order?  Our process is as soon as you sign in you can add plants to your My Plants Map library. Depending on how many plants you want tags for we can also uploaded a spreadsheet to expedite the process.  See more about Sign Up and Getting Started Once the […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Plants Map Tags & Signs

[See our full Q&A Help articles about our Tags and Signs at or search our Help section.] Can the position of the hole on a tag or sign be changed? No, we order only 4 blanks from our supplier and they come with a hole already drilled on the side for a tag or a hole at […]