Core Plants

Plants Map Core Plant profiles will be launching in August 2018. Based on user feedback, we are adding what will be known as Plants Map Core Plant profiles that will be identified with a Plants Map logo in the plant finder search results. The purpose of this new feature is to provide core plants with […]

How to use the Iris Tab to record custom plant details

The Plants Map Iris Tab Once you have subscribed to the custom plant tab for your Iris collection, you will see an option when you edit your plant pages to add the Iris tab to that particular plant. You will see a Tab dropdown menu with the option to select the Iris tab below the location […]

Adding Plants FAQ

How to Add Plants> Can I “turn off” fields that we’re not using so that they are not visible to the user/viewer? At the moment you don’t have the ability to customize the plant form but this is something we are working toward. We do want to build the ability to turn on/off fields and to only display fields where data […]

How do I enter a pin location for a plant or collection?

Originally published 11-2-2015.  Updated 5-23-18. Plants Map forms for profiles, plants, collections and subcollections use the same Location Details mapping tool that allows you 3 ways to enter a location and to set a pin on a map. This tool relies on Google Maps and what is known as latitude / longitude numerical Decimal Degrees […]

Can I copy text from other sources for my plants and collections?

The intent of Plants Map is to allow everyone to document in their own words their experiences and information about the plants they add to their profile. Plant stories should be authentic and unique and originally created by the user. Aggregating facts and growing details from others sources is allowed as long you cite your sources […]

How to Add Plants to My Profile or an Organization Profile

When you first sign in to Plants Map the profile menu indicates that you are using Plants Map as My Profile, or your personal, individual profile. This allows users to have 1 sign in with the ability to add multiple organizations and switch between profiles on Plants Map.   So you must have both types of profiles: an individual […]

How Do I Find My Organization’s Plants?

When you Sign-In to Plants Map you are starting as the Individual profile that you created first. In the screenshot example on this page, I am using Plants Map as the Individual profile Bill Blevins (My Profile). To act as the “Look Up Virginia” Organization profile I created I would click this drop-down menu and see a list. […]

Can I edit and delete plants, photos and other information

es, you do have the option to go back into your profile, a garden, a collection and a plant form to edit and delete. When you are signed in and on one of your own plants, collections, gardens you will see an update button at the top to open into edit mode. All fields are […]

Plant profile fields

Plants Map plant profile fields: We have tried to incorporate basic fields for a variety of plants and types of users.  Our goal is to make this fun and easy to share about plants you experience either visiting a landscape or growing your own. The only required field is Title. We chose this so that […]

How to customize text on my plant pages, tags, and signs

Plants Map interactive tags and signs link via a QR Code to a unique page for each of your plants. Using your “My Tags” page in the “My Plants Map” section of your profile, you can customize the lines of text you want to appear on your interactive tags and signs and generate an order form […]