Can I copy text from other sources for my plants and collections?

The intent of Plants Map is to allow everyone to document in their own words their experiences and information about the plants they add to their profile. Plant stories should be authentic and unique and originally created by the user. Aggregating facts and growing details from others sources is allowed as long you cite your sources […]

What Can I Map on Plants Map?

On Plants Map there are 5 types of content that can include pin location information on our maps. All location information provided is optional. The mapping tool also always you to set a location as ‘private’ so that only the you, the profile owner, sees it. When you enter edit mode for any of the following forms […]

Live Demo Sessions

Join us for our Live Demos on Tuesdays at 4pm ET at Join.Me/Plantsmap The demos are a quick 30-minute overview on a variety of topics to help you get started. Send us your questions early via our Contact Page.  We will take questions at the top of the demo to be sure we cover what you want to learn about. Demos will cover the beginner basics, […]

My Plants Map – A Digital Plant Journal Tool is a community website that hosts botanical collections for individuals and organizations. The free My Plants Map tools solve the challenges of documenting, organizing, mapping, tagging and sharing information about plants. My Plants Map will quickly become your favorite tool to digitally organize all of your plant information in one place at your fingertips. My Plants Map helps you organize […]

Can I comment on a post or a plant?

Plants Map users have the ability to make comments on: A news post from others A plant profile Here’s how: Sign Up (it’s free) or Sign In When a user posts news you will see a comment field below. Add a nice and thoughtful comment or question here. On a plant send a nice and thoughtful comment or question at the bottom of […]

Community Guidelines

Welcome to Plants Map. This is a community of individuals and organizations connected through an enthusiasm for socially sharing information, photos and stories about their plants, plant collections, gardens and related botanical activities, interests and organizations. We invite and encourage all skill levels from weekend and beginner gardeners to avid and experienced plant enthusiasts to […]

How can I link my Plants Map profile to other social accounts?

There are a couple of ways to include links to your other social accounts such as Twitter, Facebook or to your own website or blog from your Plants Map profile page. After you Sign In, from the top drop down Profile menu click on My Profile or one of your Organization Profiles and click the […]

How to Add Plants to My Profile or an Organization Profile

When you first sign in to Plants Map the profile menu indicates that you are using Plants Map as My Profile, or your personal, individual profile. This allows users to have 1 sign in with the ability to add multiple organizations and switch between profiles on Plants Map.   So you must have both types of profiles: an individual […]

Sign Up & Getting Started Tips is a free community website to connect with others based on your growing interests and tools to create your own digital plant library. After you sign up, you will have access to Follow other profiles to customize your home page experience Connect with organizations Post news and updates My Plants Map Tools : My Plants: Add your own unique plant profile pages My Collections: […]

How Do I Find My Organization’s Plants?

When you Sign-In to Plants Map you are starting as the Individual profile that you created first. In the screenshot example on this page, I am using Plants Map as the Individual profile Bill Blevins (My Profile). To act as the “Look Up Virginia” Organization profile I created I would click this drop-down menu and see a list. […]