Order Stakes and Tree Hardware

If you want to order stakes or tree hardware sets and are NOT ordering tags, signs or stakes at this time, use this form. We will reply back with an invoice that includes the shipping & handling fee.

Product Sections on Resource Profiles

Resource Profiles are found within our Resource Section and exclusively have the ability to add a products section to their profile. Our Resource Section was created as a way to help our users and visitors find brands and businesses offering products and services. FEATURES: Product Ad listings link directly to your website or e-commerce tool. List […]

How to make your plant solution lists mobile

Welcome to Plantsmap.com. We are excited to share with you an easy to learn collection tool that allows you to create mobile digital plant solution lists for your customers, staff, clients, and social media campaigns.    Mobile digital plant solution lists help share the unique story of your plants and they can be customized to fit your […]

How to Create a Plant Solution List

Collections are a way to organize and create groupings of plants. The collection tool can be used to digitaze a plant solution lists for your consumers, clients, staff, and social audience.  They can be short and simple with as few as four plants. [Watch our video: Create a Digital Plant Solution List] To make a […]

Media Kit

Thank you for your interest in helping to support the Plantsmap.com community. To help you connect with our community please contact us to customize a sponsorship opportunity for you. We can help you with starting a resource profile and work with you to create promoted products or content on our website or via our emailed E-Journal, […]


Advertising on Plantsmap.com Thank you for your interest in helping to support our growing community of horticultural enthusiasts and landscapes with educational outreach missions. We offer a number of ways that you can feature your brand, business, products, or services on Plantsmap.com. We offer E-Journal sponsorships, display advertising, and a Resource section with the exclusive ability […]


Plants Map is a growing community of horticultural enthusiasts and botanical places.  Our free My Plants Map tools, along with our interactive tags and signs, support educational outreach goals for public landscapes, community parks, botanical gardens, arboreta, non-profit organizations, schools, colleges, and other types of plant collections. By advertising with Plants Map you have the opportunity to support our […]

Advertising and Product Promotion Guidelines on Plants Map

Thank you for your interest in advertising or promoting your content on Plants Map.  We have established these guidelines to help with your advertising goals on our website and to provide a safe, enjoyable, positive experience for our visitors and user. We reserve the right to decline or remove any content or ad that does […]

Plants Map Support

Marketing tips and materials to help you grow your world with Plants Map Creating digital plant solution lists for consumers, clients and your social campaigns. How to use Plants Map in your growth marketing 10 ways public gardens can use Plants Map How do I link my Plantsmap.com profile to my website How do I let […]

How to use Plants Map in your growth marketing

Plantsmap.com profiles were built as a way to help solve the challenges of documenting plant information and plant lists. Plants Map has been adopted as tool for educational outreach and enhanced visitor engagement for both public and private landscapes. But did you know that we have also built some pretty awesome features for organization profiles […]